Standard Rules

Each player gets 7 idea cards and a number of investment cards equal to the number of players minus one. For example, for 5 players, each player gets 4 money cards.
Take turns inventing and pitching new business ideas to the other players. Use any number of cards in your hand to spark an idea, then improvise a short description of it. Keep it quick, keep it funny.
The players who were listening to the pitch can now ask questions.  They can come up with their own questions, or they can draw a card from the "Questions" pile.  
The player who is giving the pitch can end their turn at any time by saying "Thank you for your time."  The next person to the right now begins their turn by starting a pitch.  
Once every player has had a chance to pitch, it is time to pick a winner.  Each player uses a single short sentence to remind everyone what their idea was.  
All players then give out their investment cards.  Each player gives exactly one card to each other player, not including themself, face down.  The funnier the pitch, the more investment you give each player.  In other words, players use their money cards to rank the other players in order of funniest to least funny.
When all of the money is distributed, all players turn the investment they have received face up and add it up.  The player with the most money wins!

Top House Rules

All of the same rules apply, except that instead of pitching a new business, players give a short political campaign speech.  The cards are used to come up with a platform to run on.


Just like regular Ground Floor or Soapbox, but this time you're pitching a movie or reality TV show.  Beginners tend to have an easier time with this one.

"Ground Floor Roulette"

Players only get 2 cards in their hand.  If you're really bold, only 1.  Or 0.  

"Work-Life Balance"

Rick's Pick.  Just throw out the money cards and skip the whole investing thing.  Play just to be funny.  We're all winners.  It's not the most capitalist thing in the world, but in the's about the laughs, not the money.

Brevity is the essence of wit and lots of people ramble too much, talking themselves right out of any investment they were going to get.  Put 60 seconds on the clock for the pitch and 5 minutes for Q+A to keep things moving!  

Wrap It Up

Winning Strategies

The Classic.
It's _____________ for __________
And old favorite.  Commonly used by combining a technology or service with a group of people.
Condo board associations
Criminals "going legit"
The Market Need.
_____ don't have access to _______!
Many of the world's great inventors and entrepreneurs didn't start with an idea, they started with a problem, and they didn't give up until they solved it.   .
On-the-job training
The Mash-Up.
It's _______ mixed with ________!
Sometimes genius is just knowing which seemingly-unrelated existing ideas to smash together.  Or even better...mash-up two concepts, and figure out on the fly how to explain it.  
Live theater
Speed dating
Biker gangs
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